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Aqua Drain – OEDEMACEL

PACKAGE: 8 treatments + free body brush

£550 (save £110)

- water retention

- oedematous cellulite (1st grade)

Description: Oedemacel kit is specifically created to reduce oedematous cellulite. Its unique combination of active ingredients works in synergy to fight the initial causes of cellulite formation such as dilation of blood vessels and interstitial fluid retention.

Anti-Cellulite – ADIPOCEL

PACKAGE: 8 treatments + free body brush

£550 (save £110)

- fibrous cellulite (2nd grade) and sclerotic cellulite (3d grade)

- fat removal  

Description: Adipocel kit was created to solve issues related to the most advanced stages of fibrous cellulite. The various active components of the adipocel kit prevent the growth of adipocytes and the formation of collagen fibres that are responsible for the appearance of cellulite nodules.

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PACKAGE: 8 treatments + free body brush

£550 (save £110)

- loss of inches

- loose skin, lack of elastically

- stretch marks

Description: Arosha Firming kit was specifically created for firming and moisturising treatments. The mix of components works in synergy to promote the creation of new elastic fibres while eliminating toxins. It also helps in activating blood circulation and renewing the skin’s elasticity; it’s ideal for stretch marks.

Breast & Décolleté - LIFTING UP

PACKAGE: 4 treatments + free body brush


(save £30)

- sagging breast

- flaccid skin

Description: Due to the natural process of ageing, breasts begin to lose their initial firmness and fullness. The innovative and efficient formulations enriched with extracts from seaweed ulva lactuca (aosa) , kygelia africana, organic silicon and aloe vera help to firm, tone and smooth — promoting a firmer bust shape where breasts appear higher on the bust line.

Waist Fat Loss – LIPOFIT

PACKAGE: 4 treatments + free body brush £280

- belly / hips fat removal
- belly/ hips remodeling

- buttocks lift

Description: Lipofit was created to treat adiposity related to the abdomen and hips. Concentrated active ingredients have strong lipolytic action for localised fat tissue.

LIPOFIT + Arosha body wrap + pressotherapy


4 LIPOFIT treatments


8 Body Arosha Body wraps treatments




+ FREE Lipolytic cream 200ml & body brush!

(save £264)