Original Arosha therapies use innovative, clinically tested bandages soaked with a combination of active ingredients.

Arosha’s Wrapping Technology System is an innovative line of  treatments that delivers spectacular results with cellulite reduction, unwanted extra Inches, water retention  and notice improves with toning and moisturising without a scalpel and recovery period!

Arosha treatments  SHAPES, SLIMS and FIRMS your body.

The secret of its effectiveness lies in the active ingredients in the patented bandages.

Non-invasive treatments slim, drain, shape, firm the body and efficiently reduce cellulite.
The results are instantly visible! They are supplemented by an advanced home care.

The original Arosha therapy includes 8-10 treatments performed 1-2 a week. Before commencing the series of treatments, a professional will have a consultation with the patient in order to select an individual body treatment programme.





Pressotherapy is a method used in treating lymphatic and cardiovascular systems as well as in aesthetic medicine, physiotherapy and body care.
During the treatment, special cuffs with empty chambers are applied which are slowly filled with air. The air is injected to the chambers in a strictly controlled manner using a compressor that the device is equipped with, and it applies pressure to particular parts of the body pushing blood and lymph to the nearest lymph nodes. Firstly, the chambers around ankles are filled, then calves and then the filling continues upwards. This type of mechanic drainage enables thorough detoxification and removal of excess water from the body.

PRESSOTHERAPY – indications 

Pressotherapy is recommended for:

⦁ lymphatic and venous oedema,
⦁ postoperative oedema (e.g. after mastectomy),
⦁ post-traumatic oedema,
⦁ cellulite,
⦁ obesity,
⦁ chronic muscular neuralgia,
⦁ neurological diseases (e.g. limb paralysis),
⦁ postnatal period,
⦁ stimulating blood and lymph backflow,
⦁ water retention – especially for people with “tired legs” effect,
⦁ improving skin nourishment and elasticity,
⦁ preventing thrombosis for bed-ridden people.

PRESSOTHERAPY – contraindications

⦁ heart conditions, circulatory insufficiency, haematological diseases and tendency for haemorrhages,
⦁ pacemaker, metal prosthesis,
⦁ epilepsy and psychosomatic disorders,
⦁ cancer,
⦁ endocrine diseases,
⦁ respiratory, liver or kidney failure,
⦁ active viral, bacterial or fungal infections